Moments. They are ALL we have. They are all we are promised in this life. With sorrows all around us, how do we live and cherish each moment? I am still learning. So many years behind me…never knowing how many before me. I need to cling to today. Only today.

dew drop moments (8x10, 11x14, 16x20)

I was given a gift this week. A bracelet made from copper and Unakite. This stone’s nickname is ‘living in the now’. Finding the beauty. How appropriate. How beautiful.


My prayer this morning is to not waste these fleeting moments I am gifted with, however that might unfold.

To simply be aware.  And thankful.



4 thoughts on “Inhale~Exhale

  1. One huge blessing about aging and the health challenges that come our way is how very much we treasure those moments you described more than we ever did before. I’m moved to thank the Lord faster now and am ashamed to say I often did not take the time to do so when life was faster, busier and I was always “moving on to the next thing.” Thank you for sharing your blog site with me. ❤

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